Like A Virgin…A Single, 30-Something Woman’s Quest…

So today I decided to start my own blog.  Losing my virginity in this world of people spilling their guts about their personal lives, work stuff and basically whatever the hell they want to talk about hoping someone out there will read their crap. My thoughts…Will I succeed?  Will people find it?  When they do, will they read it and enjoy it as much as I will?  I guess the only way to find out is to try!  So here goes…

I am not much of a writer.  In fact, not one at all!  But we all have to start somewhere and this is my somewhere.

So you may ask what my quest is.  Well, I guess it is just all the bullshit and drama and “life” that I have been through (good, bad and ugly) that I feel can be shared and hopefully allow others to realize they aren’t the only ones!  Don’t worry, it will get better as I go along!  You cant have all of the drama happen at the beginning, that would be like a guy…well…I’ll save “those” conversations for a later date after you get to know me a little better 😉

Who am I??  My name…well that will be kept private but I’ll think of a good name that fits my blog.  I am a “30-Something” female.  I work a stressful job (most of the time) that eats up much of my free time.  I work, eat, go to the gym and sleep.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  I am single, which I will get into later, but at this point in time mostly because I have no time to date.  I own my condo and live with the 2 loves of my life, my dogs 😉  I rarely have time to go to Walmart for toiletries and on the weekends I am too tired to do much and all I want to do is watch Netflix dammit!  I know I am not the only person living this life and I know some of you can relate which again, is why I am doing this.

Well I have to get to the gym…I guess this would be the rinse cycle of my day.  Cleansing out all of the toxins from my crazy workday.  So until tomorrow my friends…..REPEAT!

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