Bring on the Crazy

Sorry for the year and a half hiatus.  Too much change to keep up with this thing.  Moving on.  Because that’s what we are supposed to do in life. Keep it movin!

So this will be like one of those TV shows where they always flashback to years before.  It will make sense when we start to get into the thick of things.

I’m actually gonna take it back to my first relationship with the 14yo, the illegal, that’s what we can call him for now.  We had an adventurous sex life for as young as we were.  We fucked everywhere.  In his house, getting caught by his stepdad, not embarrassing at all!  In my Mustang.  At my house.  Honestly, wherever we could find room.   We did and tried EVERYTHING!

(Insert the line us girls say about our younger years “It was just a phase I was going through”)  Well…here began my “phase” with the help of the illegal.  Most young females have their “girl phase” we will call it, the one where we are curious about other girls.  My curiosity was persuaded by the illegal.  His brother’s girlfriend at the time was Bi and she was pretty and so one night all 4 of us, yes the 4 of us, me, the illegal, his brother and his girlfriend were in a bed together and it was like a small orgy!  That was my first experience with a woman.  And I have to say, it wasn’t bad.  But that persuasion brought on other persuasions, and some not so safe ones at that.

You never want to open the can of worms…

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