Belated Birthday Dinner

So tonight was my belated birthday dinner with my dad and his wife.  As I sit there chatting with them I look to my left and see a group of kids, teenagers at best, pretty well behaved but still…teenagers.  And now a baby running around the restaurant with a young girl following behind her.  We do the polite thing and say “oh she is so cute!” (which she was) and ask if it is her sister…….wait for it……..noooooooooooo, it was her daughter!  WTF.  My dads wife says “oh wow, you look so young” and the girl says she is 19 and the kid is 1, so she had her at 18.  Ummmmmmm…..ok.  I thought to myself…I am “30-something” and there is NO WAY, at this point in my life, could or would I be able to raise a kid!  I have zero time, financially it is a huge responsibility, and oh wait…..I am single (which for me, I need to be married before I have a child), among other factors.  But to each their own, congrats, she was cute!

So for some dumb reason I decide to tell them that I have started a blog!  Why on earth would I do that?!?  His wife starts asking me oh how can we read it, how can we find it if your name isn’t on it….UGH.  This is going to have some very private shit in it and I DO NOT need them reading this!!  Sex, dating, sex, life, sex, puppies, sex, BFFs, sex and sex.  Geezus.  Clearly the dessert I had was clouding my judgment.  Blarb.

And as odd as this sounds, I really am a very private person when it comes to dating and relationships and just my personal life in general (other than telling the few people closest to me) so for me to put this all out there will be interesting.  Maybe a good outlet for me, maybe a good outlet for you!  Do you guys tell your parents all about your dating life and sex life?  For me, I just think it is too weird.  I do not want to think about my parents doing things and I don’t think they would want to know about me doing things!  Let me know your thoughts and feelings about that.

Well I am off to do some cardio since I devoured a ginormous amount of cake and ice cream at dinner.  Current status – feeling fat.  Goodnight to all!